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  • RE: Emergency at breaking point

    UPDATE: The State Government has today announced a $100 million funding boost for public hospitals We issued this media release today following the announcement: ...

  • Queensland's interstate surge

    A recent ABC story has said more than 43,000 people have moved out of cities and in to regional areas around Australia and more than 30,000 people have ...

  • Thanks Maddi. We will look in to how to proceed from here. In the meantime, anyone who has a need that cannot wait for the procedure to happen, can contact ...

  • Thanks Kimberley. It may be something for the AMA to take up when it has it's meeting with the colleges. At this stage it is very uncertain how someone ...

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  • This needs to be discussed, rather than denied You can add Ocean Acidification Ocean sterilisation by plastics If the above is too trivial ------------------------------ ...



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  • Daily media briefings – 11 May 2021

    AUSTRALIA Border and quarantine fixes are urgently needed The Australian, Editorials, 11/05/2021, Page 10 Australia's success in suppressing COVID-19 has been a triumph for public safety but it also has helped to foster a culture of risk ... More

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