• Media clips 7 June 2021

    Media Clips Monday 7 June

    AMA Queensland

    State's underfunded health system needs an urgent shot in the arm

    Sunshine Coast News, 06/06/21, Jane Stephens

    Queensland’s hospital system is in a world of pain, with misery seemingly in every underfunded nook and crowded cranny…The Australian Medical Association Queensland this month said $3 billion (for 1500 new hospital beds and an army of new staff) was needed to turn the tide on ramping, overcrowding, unacceptable waiting lists and other disasters. The government recently announced it would spend $100 million on 65 new hospital beds and associated staff, which is great if it is the start of a spendathon but embarrassing if that is the extent of its fix.

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    Ormiston's Chloe Batchelor receives financial scholarship to help her succeed in the field of medicine

    Redland City Bulletin, 04/06/21, Emily Lowe

    After facing a number of setbacks during her studies, a Redlands university student has won an Australian Medical Association Queensland Foundation scholarship.

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    Confusion ahead of Queensland's weekend of mass COVID-19 vaccinations

    ABC Southern Qld, 04/06/21, Elly Bradfield and David Chen

    Gabrielle Bright was meant to be at the front of the queue at one of Queensland's vaccination hubs this weekend, but the disability support worker had no idea it was happening….Australian Medical Association Queensland president Chris Perry said the AMAQ supported the state government's efforts."The vaccine numbers finally, after four months, look like they're coming up and looks like people are able to get their vaccines in a pretty good period of time," Dr Perry said. He said while there was capacity for the hubs to vaccinate people who walked in, authorities were wary of causing a rush. "They're trying not to turn people away, but they don't want everybody turning up," he said. "It would just be awful." Dr Perry said it was important people also remembered that going to their GP was an option. "We're supporting the hubs, but most people should go to their GP where it's going to be so much easier — the line-ups at hubs could be a bit uncomfortable."

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    Interview with Dr Maria Boulton

    B105, 02/06/21, By Abby Coleman, Stav Davidson and Matty Acton

    Interview with Dr Maria Boulton, Chair, AMA Queensland Council [of General Practice], about COVID-19 vaccination. Comperes talk about the COVID situation in Victoria, with Abby saying she has many friends who aren't coping with the second lockdown. Dr Boulton says anyone over the age of 40 can get a vaccine, including those in category 1A or 1B. She says the Department of Health recommends that people over 50 get the AstraZeneca, while those unde...

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    Interview with AMA Qld President Professor Chris Perry

    4CA, 02/06/21, John Mackenzie

    Interview with AMA Qld President Professor Chris Perry. MacKenzie says the Courier Mail reports the aggressive strain of COVID-19 wreeking havoc in Melbourne has put Qld authorities on high alert. He notes Vic's health authorities extended the lockdown yesterday for another one week. He states Vic Health Minister Yvette D'Ath said the virus variant was of great concern. Perry says it seems like the variant spreading in Vic right now seems to be t...

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    ABC Radio Adelaide, Afternoons, 04/06/2021, Sonya Feldhoff

    Interview with Dr Chris Moy, vice president of the federal Australian Medical Association. He is asked about the COVID-19 Delta variant recently traced in Australia. Many Australians have expressed concern that it may rapidly spread.

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    Pharmacy Guild asks for right to give jab

    The Australian, General News, 07/06/2021, Olivia Caisley,

    Pharmacists say the Covid-19 immunisation program could be accelerated by three months if they could administer the vaccines. Modelling prepared for the Pharmacy Guild of Australia suggests without their involvement, the expected time to vaccinate everyone aged 16 or older could take a further 408 days.

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    $20m deal to manufacture Queensland vaccines

    The Courier Mal, 07/06/2021, Hayden Johnson

    A $20 million grant has been handed to a Brisbane-based institute to develop local vaccines, in the first landmark deal struck under the state’s new $1.8 billion jobs fund. It is hoped the deal will eventually lead to a new Covid vaccine.

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    Public Health and Medical Practice

    Nurses facing wave of violence in NSW, Victoria and Queensland

    The Australian, 06/06/21, Jess Malcolm,

    The rates of violent assaults against healthcare workers has climbed in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, raising serious concern for the welfare of nurses who are being assaulted by the patients they are trying to help.